Buying a Book.

There are different ways to purchase.

Printed books.  Directly by Post.

Please send:- Your details:-

Name of person ordering.

Postal Address for book(s)

send to:-              Moonshine Publications at 14, Kings Close, Woodbridge, Suffolk.  IP12 4EU

together with       Cheque in £GB to P. Constantine.

(Any printed book not purchased directly from bookshops will have additional Post & Package.)

Just to check, please note that the cheque is made out to P. Constantine or there may be a delay.


 Prices. RRP. Prac Dinghy Cruiser = £11.99  Prac Cruiser Guide Seasickness = £2.99  Prac Coastal Cruising = £10.99 


Current Standard Prices including P&P for single book.

Practical Dinghy Cruiser  GB = Book + P&P £14.50     EU= Book + P&P £17.00.      Rest of World = Book + P&P = £20.00.


Current Standard Prices including P&P for single book.

Seasickness   GB Book + P&P £3.00 (That's post free.)     EU Book + P&P = £8.00     Rest of World  Book + P&P  £9.00


Current Standard Prices including P&P for single book.

Serial Starship  GB = Book + P&P £15.00     EU= Book + P&P £20.00.      Rest of World = Book + P&P = £25.00.

Delivery outside GB is by Airmail. (Surface mail can take up to 56 days to the USA.)

Currently Europe £7.50.  Rest of World £12

For your convenience and to take care of currency conversion it is possible to pay by PayPal.



Special, Special, Special Offer.


 DCA members (GB post) can claim a Practical Dinghy Cruiser at a reduced price and ...

... post free!

(That's £13.00 only, but you must quote your DCA membership number and pay by PayPal or cheque made out to P. Constantine)



To buy through Amazon.

In Amazon, go to Books and put in the Title.

To see the Amazon charges, you have to click on the image of the book in Amazon.

Amazon have a £2.80 postage cost on GB book 'delivery' that they keep along with their commission. We pay the postage.

Moonshine can despatch to you on the day of receiving an order direct.



You can buy a book by email using PayPal.

See our PayPal page.

Note our email address. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

PayPal will forward your details.

They need to Know:- 

Name of person ordering.

Postal Address for book(s)

They will give you the opportunity to include an email message. 



  Your Bookshop.

The big advantage to you is that you avoid postage charges.

If you go into your local bookshop they are unlikely to have a copy on the shelves.  They cannot stock every book printed, but if you ask for it, they can look it up on their computer and they can order it.  This process will take a day or two (as for any book not stocked), but it should then come through.  Amazon sometimes use this same system of buying through a wholesaler. If, for any reason there are difficulties with this system, send us an email and we will investigate from our end, to ensure that you get a copy.


ISBN Numbers

      Prac Dinghy Cruiser (2nd edition) = 987-0-9572161-1-2

        Prac Cruiser Guide Seasickness = 978-0-9572161-0-5

Prac Coastal Cruising Serial Starship = 978-0-9572161-2-9

You can ask for a book by Title, by Author's name, or by ISBN number when ordering from your bookshop.