Seasickness -The Book

At long last!


Seasickness - Here is the information that so many people have long searched for, brought together in one compact, easy-to-read book that has been described as a ‘little gem’. It is a ‘must’ for skippers wanting to assist their crew over the worst stages of the illness, so that they can become effective in helping to run the boat. It is an essential tool for new people coming to sea sailing. It has been said of this book that ‘Every craft should have a copy’.


Seasickness, motion sickness and other contributing factors are explained with clarity, so that the reader can gain a complete picture of the complex nature of what is happening to them. A range of strategies is offered to minimise the effects, aimed at bringing the sufferer through the unpleasant experience as rapidly and as comfortably as possible.


The latest scientific understandings, not previously explained, are brought together and dealt with in plain language whilst being illustrated with practical everyday examples from normal living. Unique, helpful advice such as ‘snapshotting’ is offered to minimise the worst effects and numerous tips about ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ are given. 

There are sections on Drugs, Alternative therapies, What/How/When to eat, Energy conservation, Onboard organisation, Experiences of others, Traditional remedies and throughout, there is encouragement to combat the symptoms through in-depth understanding.


The cover illustration is by Mike Peyton and the gentle humour of the narrative is lightened by Claire Hills’ delightful cartoons.

For aspiring yachting-crew people there can be no better antidote to mal-de-mer, and at only £4.99 it is cheaper than any medical prescription.


Ask your bookseller for the Practical Cruiser’s Guide to Seasickness by Paul Constantine.

ISBN 978-0-9572161-0-5


Here is a bit more about the book.

It is quite a surprise that there appears to be almost no other book specifically on this subject that is compact and has the latest understandings written in plain language.

1. The topic is one in which it is tricky to suggest definitive action, in case some people take any advice as medical recommendations.

It is NOT a medical book.

The aim is to offer (hard won!) practical advice, mainly to sailing crew-people, particularly those who have not yet gained experience of sailing on the sea.

It is friendly advice, skipper to new crew - if you do these things and it should help.

2. Most widely-publicised advice on seasickness directs attention towards the balance mechanism in the ears, and suggests taking some pills. Whilst this may be accurate, it only touches on part of the problem without much explanation. Taking a pill, is an act of faith in the research and production of the pills. You still don't know what is happening to you, what the pill is trying to do, or what other actions could be beneficial.

The book tries to fill in the blanks by involving people in taking the responsibility of personal, practical thinking to understand what is best for them.

3. Only very recently have we reached understandings about how the brain and the body work in conjunction with each other to monitor, control and respond to the world around us. The mechanisms might be available piecemeal in advanced scientific papers, but how can the general public access them and then relate the findings to themselves?

Every effort has been made to pull together and illustrate the latest scientific understandings with some simple everyday experiences that everyone can relate to.

4. Old 'remedies' are still suggested as being 'Cures'. Do they work? Are they the magic bullet?

Readers can evaluate them before departure to decide whether they want to give them a try and what chance there may be of their success.

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Is this book for you?

Yacht Skippers

What quality of information about sea sickness do you give to your new crews?

About avoiding sickness, about where to be sick, about recovery from sickness?

If you had to write a risk assessment would such advice and assistance be included, along with all the other sailing information? If not, you can now deal with the whole issue simply and directly, by making this book available aboard your boat.

The content is not related solely to sea sickness, certain 'understandings’ about actions and organisation aboard yachts are suggested to address the uncertainties that all new crew will have. This additional helpful advice about the complete experience of being on a yacht, will be appreciated.


New sailing Crew

Maybe you should know a bit more about this topic, before you step aboard your boat?

Your crewmates should help you through the many new experiences to be found aboard a yacht, but you can also help yourself by gathering information and knowing what to expect.


Holiday/Leisure Cruisers.

Be informed. Help others around you by offering the right advice. What actually works? How long does it take?

Don't be in the dark and trusting to luck. You can have more holiday enjoyment by doing the right thing at the right time and so can your fellow travellers. 

This little book will help you in those areas that are not always discussed. Understanding is the key.

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It is compact so that the information can be accessed rapidly.

The printing is nice and large to make it accessible in less than stable circumstances.

It costs a lot less than any medical prescription!